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You've heard of street cred, now earn your sky cred. Rank up and earn more cred by flying, posting and getting upvoted by your peers. The more cred you get, the more functionality you unlock in the app.


Features Features

The flying community is unique - we are a group of dedicated, skilled individuals with unique accomplishments. skycred lets you share your accomplishments, tell your story, meetup with pilots and encourage others to stay sharp.


Your badges tell others what kind of pilot you are. Build your profile with licenses, endorsements, ratings and more.

Rich Sharing

Why post only a fraction of your story when skycred lets you give all the context unique to aviation? Optionally share your flight hours, location, photos, conditions, badges and tag other pilots.


What you fly is as much a part of your story as anything else. Whether you rent or own, add the planes you fly to your virtual hangar.

Connect & Meetup

Want to find other warbird pilots? Or maybe you need some local tailwheel advice? It's easy to find new friends in the community who have common aviation interests, and schedule or attend local meetups.

Action In Action

Connect with pilots, badge up your profile, outfit your virtual hangar, add photos, share your flights and much more.

Team Team Members

We are passionate aviators and started skycred to help build a stronger aviation community.

Join the Community

Join us on skycred today and help build a stronger aviation community.

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